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August Pioneer     August Pioneer
Autumn King     Autumn King
Autumn Minaret     Autumn Minaret

Carol Sing     Carol Sing
Challenger     Challenger
Chicago Apache     Chicago Apache
Clementella     Clementella
Common Orange     Common Orange

Early Evelyn     Early Evelyn
Early Isabel     Early Isabel
Europa     Europa

Fall Fancy     Fall Fancy
Flava Major     Flava Major

Happy Returns     Happy Returns
<i>Hem. fulva</i> Europa     Hem. fulva Europa

Indian Giver     Indian Giver

Last Quarter     Last Quarter
Late Adagio     Late Adagio
Late Cream     Late Cream
Late Flair     Late Flair
Light The Way     Light The Way

Mexicana     Mexicana
Mulberry Sherbet     Mulberry Sherbet

Neyron Rose     Neyron Rose

Olallie Mack     Olallie Mack
Orange Daylily     Orange Daylily
Orangeman     Orangeman

Pardon Me     Pardon Me
Penny's Worth     Penny's Worth
Postlude     Postlude
Princess Irene     Princess Irene

Roadside Daylily     Roadside Daylily

Scentual Sundance     Scentual Sundance
Star Dream     Star Dream
Strawberry Hill     Strawberry Hill

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Introduction to Bloomingfields Farm Daylilies

Bloomingfields   Farm   offers Daylilies (synonym: day lily, day lilies) in its unique ten season classification , from First Early to Extra Late, for the design conscious gardener and landscaper. BLOOMINGFIELDS FARM Daylilies are shipped every Monday as three-fan, field-grown plants, Fully Guaranteed to grow. Every shipment includes information on transplanting and caring for the plants. The BLOOMINGFIELDS FARM Daylilies make great gifts for your favorite gardener. An organic grower in northwestern Connecticut, Lee Bristol has been a daylily specialist at BLOOMINGFIELDS FARM since 1969. Lee Bristol Daylily (*) selections are directed toward the design conscious gardener, with seasonal spread, and with plant size----as well as flower color----in mind. The Daylily season gallery, a fully illustrated photo directory, is the central guide here to the Daylily, and catalogs all ten bloom seasons of Daylily gardens. It pictures such early season heirloom Daylilies as the Common Orange Roadside Daylily, Orangeman and Stella De Oro's more prolific daughter Clementella (miniature orange) a nearly everblooming Daylily hybrid from Lee Bristol. Among the multitude of midseason Daylily photos and descriptions is included Lee's registration of Mulberry Sherbet. Among whites, Light The Way has long led us. Long known for late, very late and extra late Daylily varieties, BLOOMINGFIELDS FARM offers gardeners a fine selection of season extenders, some blooming throughout September in Connecticut. Yellows include the Daylilies Autumn Minaret and Autumn King, both very tall. The reds on our Top Ten list for years are Pardon Me and Little Wine Cup, while a third, Challenger, rivals Autumn Minaret in height. Carol Sing is our brightest fall red Daylily. Princess Irene, orange, can be counted on for two months of profuse garden bloom. And few can resist the purple Indian Giver. You can shop for Daylilies here knowing that your selections have been proven over many years and are Guaranteed to grow throughout America's coldest regions. Buy your Daylily plants from a long-established grower. For complete information about BLOOMINGFIELDS FARM Daylilies, go ahead now to the Daylily homepage and enjoy your exploration of the remarkable possibilities of the Daylily.

And if you enjoy growing your own vegetables, try our Butternut Squash, Bloomingfields Farm Strain, an exceptionally long-keeping, delicious winter squash.

Local folks should check the BLOOMINGFIELDS FARM Fresh Produce List during the Summer and Fall.

* Improper terms include day lily, day lilys and day lilies, as well as bulb. Daylily plants never form bulbs, corms nor tubers.

A beautiful daylily from Bloomingfields Farm Daylilies  

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