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  Lee Bristol
Melvin Lee Bristol
Published Journal Articles
Bristol, M. L. (1988). Edible arracachas of the Sibundoy.
          Rev. Acad. Colomb. Ciencias Exact. Fis. Nat. 16: 107-110.

Norton, T. R., M. L. Bristol, et al. (1973). Pharmacological evaluation of
          medicinal plants from Western Samoa.

          J. Pharm. Sci. 62: 1077-1082.

Bristol, M. L., W. C. Evans & J. F. Lampard (1969). The alkaloids of the genus
          Datura, sect. Brugmansia. Part VI. Tree Datura drugs (Datura
          candida cvs.) of the Colombian Sibundoy.

          Lloydia 32: 123-130.

Bristol, M. L. (1969). Tree Datura drugs of the Colombian Sibundoy.
          Bot. Mus. Leafl., Harvard Univ. 22: 165-227. illus.

Bristol, M. L. (1968). Philoglossa in cultivation.
          Amer. Hort. Mag. 47: 317-318.

Bristol, M. L. (1968). Sibundoy agricultural vegetation.
          Act. y Mem. XXXVII Congr. Internac. Americanistas (Buenos Aires)

Bristol, M. L. (1968). Natural regeneration of Pinus cubensis.
          Turrialba 18: 282-287.

Bristol, M. L. (1966). The psychotropic Banisteriopsis among the Sibundoy of

          Bot. Mus. Leafl., Harvard Univ. 21: 113-140. illus.

Bristol, M. L. (1966). Notes on the species of tree Daturas.
          Bot. Mus. Leafl., Harvard Univ. 21: 229-248. illus.

Bristol, M. L. (1964). Philoglossa—A cultivar of the Sibundoy of

          Bot. Mus. Leafl., Harvard Univ. 20: 325-333. illus.

Bristol, M. L. (1961). Neonelsonia—A Colombian folk medicine.
          Bot. Mus. Leafl., Harvard Univ. 19: 191-194.

Bristol, M. L. (1961). Carludovica palmata in broommaking.
          Bot. Mus. Leafl., Harvard Univ. 19: 183-188. illus.

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