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This Current List                                               
is the result of 48 years of trialing over 1000 named
varieties. Seven hybrids of our own creation are
widely represented in America's gardens.
We offer you longblooming heirloom
and classic varieties which have
withstood the tests of time.

is updated 5-10 times a week, year-round.
Supply of some daylily varieties is limited.
A few varieties of daylilies may not be
available throughout the entire year.

Underlined varieties of daylilies
are available for ordering as of

August Pioneer     August Pioneer
Autumn King     Autumn King
Autumn Minaret     Autumn Minaret

Carol Sing     Carol Sing
Clementella     Clementella
Common Orange     Common Orange

Early Dora     Early Dora
Early Evelyn     Early Evelyn
Early Flora     Early Flora
Early Ginger     Early Ginger
Early Isabel     Early Isabel
Early Janelle     Early Janelle
Europa     Europa

Fall Fancy     Fall Fancy
Firecracker Stars     Firecracker Stars
Flava Major     Flava Major

Happy Returns     Happy Returns
<i>Hem. fulva</i> Europa     Hem. fulva Europa

Indian Giver     Indian Giver

Last Quarter     Last Quarter
Late Adagio     Late Adagio
Late Beacon     Late Beacon
Late Cream     Late Cream
Late Embers     Late Embers
Late Flair     Late Flair
Late Pompeii     Late Pompeii
Light The Way     Light The Way

Mexicana     Mexicana
Mulberry Sherbet     Mulberry Sherbet

Olallie Mack     Olallie Mack
Orange Daylily     Orange Daylily
Orangeman     Orangeman

Pardon Me     Pardon Me
Penny's Worth     Penny's Worth--
Postlude     Postlude

Princess Irene     Princess Irene

Roadside Daylily     Roadside Daylily

Star Dream     Star Dream
Upland Canary     Upland Canary
Whorled Relic     Whorled Relic
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