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The descriptions of our daylily varieties (cultivars) are based upon our own observations over a period of years
in our own nursery growing area
here in northwestern

Field Data

What we do What we don't do

Records concern one planting, in one location.

One planting is usually of 20 to 100 or more plants.

All our measurements and records are taken from 13-month to 30-month old plants.

Measurements of scape (flower stalk) height are the maximum height observed. They are repeated for several years and averaged together.

Measurements of flower size are the diameter "as is".

Measurements of flower size are made several days after the beginning of bloom.

Records of bloom seasons are made on specific dates ten times a year. They are repeated every year, indefinitely, and all years are averaged together. (Read about bloom seasons).

Nearly all of our varietal pages include the initial registration data of the American Hemerocallis Society, and these data are clearly indicated as quotations.
We do not combine measurements and bloom records from several locations at the farm, because it would exaggerate or extend the results.

We do not take any records from small plantings of 1 or 2 plants, because they would not be sufficiently representative.

We do not take any records from plantings made earlier the same year, because the plants are not fully established.

Flowers are not flattened, because it would exaggerate their diameter.

The first flower to open each year is not measured, because it is usually larger than all the others.

We do not adopt and reprint the initial registration data as a complete description, because it would give the impression that those data describe the plants actually growing in our fields.

Only rarely do our records and measurements correspond fully with the initial registration data which we see so frequently copied into many source lists and catalogs.

We believe that the descriptions we provide here in these pages allow the gardener, landscaper or designer to compare the performance of our varieties
more accurately.

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