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Dividing Daylily Clumps

When to divide    Unlike many perennial flowers, Daylilies often bloom well for many years without being divided to rejuvenate them. Most Daylily varieties will give an excellent performance from their third to their eighth or tenth years----some, much longer.
Soil conditions  may be factors. Large Daylily clumps may respond well to yearly applications of organic fertilizer. Extra watering just before and during bloom season will often promote the full development of Daylily buds into flowers. Keeping a heavy mulch around the increasing clump will add to both soil fertility and moisture, as well as controlling weeds, and thus forestall dividing, too. If the amount of Daylily bloom does become sparse and unsatisfactory, despite these attentions, then it is probably time to divide.

How to divide    Small Daylily clumps of 5 to 10 fans of foliage are quite easy to divide. Lift them from the ground with a 4-tined fork, getting as many long roots as possible. Shake loose the soil, or clean it off with a hose, to see all the roots. A large pocket knife or kitchen knife can then be used gently between the fans to separate them. Try to cut as few roots as possible. Divisions of 2-3 fans are usually best, but single-fan divisions will grow well enough, too.
Large older Daylily clumps  are more difficult to divide. If they cannot be lifted from the ground with a fork, then a spade or shovel will be necessary. Once out of the ground, these Daylily clumps can be divided elegantly into quarters with two forks back to back in the center. Lacking that second fork, it will be necessary to slice the clumps into quarters with a spade or shovel. With quarter-clumps in hand, proceed with a knife. Or, simply replant them.

Gold Dust
These 8-year old clumps of the
Daylily Gold Dust continue
to bloom beautifully.
They should not need dividing
for several more years.
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