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Roadside Daylily      
Hemerocallis fulva 'Europa'          
Landscape Ground Cover
H. fulva 'Europa' in bloom
Planting above a wall The Roadside Daylily
planted on the slope
above a stone retaining wall.
Common Orange
Daylilies prevent soil
from eroding down the
bank above this stone wall.
Common Daylily prevents soil erosion
H. fulva 'Europa' A more recent planting
of Hem. fulva 'Europa'
in front of another wall.
A single line of
the Roadside Daylily,
planted closely along the
base of a picket fence.
Dense planting along a fence
Bank above a highway Orange Daylilies have been
planted here to hold the slope
between a fence and the highway.
This planting flourishes on a
steep bank where there is direct
sun for about 4 hours a day.
There is good bloom, and
no maintenance of any kind.
Partial shade along highway
Heavy growth in full shade Hemerocallis fulva 'Europa',
growing vigorously here
in constant summer shade,
but seldom flowering.
There is no maintenance here.

A mature planting in a
heavily shaded woodland.
Very little flowering occurs
in the dense shade of summer.
No attention is paid to this bank.
Steep bank in full shade
Blooming heavily in full shade Two old plantings in the
complete shade of large Maple trees.
Heavy bloom is achieved
year-after-year in both of these
plantings with heavy applications of
lawn-formula fertilizer and irrigation.
Blooming heavily in full shade
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