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Roadside Daylily    
Hemerocallis fulva 'Europa'      
Underground structure
Roadside planting on a bank

At the right
the large plant in the center
has produced four horizontal rhizomes,
which are now forming a new plant at the tip of each rhizome.
In several years, each of the new plants will also produce several rhizomes which will form still more new plants.

The temporary rhizomes disintegrate, but a colony of permanent, very long-lived, individual plants is the result. Their roots hold the soil together firmly, and little or no erosion can occur.

Both the mat of roots, and the heavy shade of the dense foliage, prevent other species from invading the colony.
Multiplication by long rhizomes
Center plant and
4 new side plants
Rhizomes of the Roadside Daylily
Enlarged view showing golden horizontal rhizomes 

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