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Hemerocallis 'Orangeman'
Planted in Shade
Daylily 'Orangeman'
Daylily 'Orangeman' 'Orangeman' Daylilies
planted in heavy shade.

Normally, vigorous growth and heavy bloom of Daylilies requires full direct sunlight for at least six hours a day. However, this hundred-year-old English heirloom blooms abundantly for us here in nearly constant dense shade.
Planted here for several years in the dense shade of a specially pruned, low and broad Catalpa tree, these 'Orangeman' Daylilies have bloomed heavily every June. Daylily 'Orangeman'
Daylily 'Orangeman' Contrary to the best practices, these Daylilies were planted only 3-4 inches from the trunk of the tree, have never been fertilized in any way, and have been watered only once each year during the time of bloom.
Note the glint of sunshine on the flowers.
Under this tree there is direct sunlight in June once a day in the early morning between 6 and 7 am.
During the rest of the day full shade prevails.
Daylily 'Orangeman'
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