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  Organic Growing
Organic  Growing
Lee  and Diana's Daylilies are grown in the same way as the Organic food crops. The farm is biologically integrated, not chemically managed. As caretakers of the land, our lives are a stewardship that creates a sustainable productivity which can be maintained into the future for many generations. Our Daylilies, market garden vegetables, and Butternut squash seed are all grown using the same methods.

Fertility is maintained by growing green manure crops in rotation, and by adding composts of plant material and sheep manure from our own flock. These enrichments build biologically active soils. Nothing is brought to the farm — it creates its own organic soils which literally flower. With this dynamic at work, our Daylilies have no need of synthetic petrochemical fertilizers; indeed, this organic soil would be damaged by them.

No pesticides (herbicides, fungicides or insecticides) are used to selectively kill living organisms in the fields.

Beauty springs forth every day from soils as full of life as the surrounding meadows and forests. We rejoice in the blooming  fields.

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