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Growing Daylilies is the primary activity at the farm. But other crops and livestock are integrated into the life of the place in an effort to provide more of its own needs, as well as the needs of the family. Garlic and green manure crops are grown, as well as sheep and chickens.

The sheep range through several pastures in the summer and spend the winter in the barnyard. A small handspinner's flock of just five to 10, the annual shearing yields some highly-coveted fleeces.
And the chickens provide us with plenty of eggs.

Fresh produce is picked from mid-June until mid-October. Kale, and a variety of potatoes, are available throughout. Many kinds of tomatoes and a number of different pole beans are offered as they ripen from late July onward. A complete Produce List is updated weekly.

Vegetable plots give us all the variety we want in fresh summer foods. There has been a year-round supply of potatoes for many years. And our long-keeping Butternut Squash (Bloomingfields Farm Strain) is a three-season staple. Seeds may be ordered. See photo story on this squash.

Firewood is cut every winter for burning the following winter when well seasoned. 3-4 cords of wood keep several woodstoves burning nicely. Our principal trees are Red Maple, White Ash and Swamp White Oak. Light selective cutting in the woodlot areas allows our source of winter heat to be fully self-sustaining. See photo story.

The life of the farm changes from day to day all year long, yet the permanence of its cycles and its inter-related economies assure us of our own place in nature. Read more.

New twins
Spring lambs in the barnyard

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