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Hemerocallis 'Penny's Worth'
Penny's Worth
Daylily 'Penny's Worth'
Daylily 'Penny's Worth' 'Penny's Worth' Daylily
planted as a Ground Cover
under an ornamental pine,
Pinus strobus globosa.
The same planting
of Penny's Worth,
a year later
Penny's Worth
Eenie Joy and Penny's Worth Penny's Worth (RIGHT) and Eenie Joy (LEFT) compared. Note much smaller flowers of Penny's Worth on the right, and its lower foliage effect.
Hemerocallis 'Penny's Worth'
(foreground) in a mixed perennial
border. In the background we see
Iris tectorum alba and
the golden Hemerocallis
'Stella De Oro' (RIGHT).
Penny's Worth and Stella De Oro
Penny's Worth and Stella De Oro Golden-flowered Stella De Oro in the
background, with the yellow-flowered
Penny's Worth in the foreground.
Note Penny's very fine
foliage effect.
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