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Butternut Squash      
Cucurbita moschata              
Bloomingfields Farm Strain

Exceptionally long keeping    
Butternut Squash
A bushel of Butternut Squash Our Bloomingfields Farm Strain of Butternut Squash is an excellent Winter Squash. We harvest it here in Connecticut in early to mid-September, and it can be eaten immediately, or stored easily for many months. Seed of this new strain was selected originally from the well-known Waltham Strain in 1985, and has been selected here at the farm every year since then, a over a quarter century, 30 generations, and continuing.
Our seed selection criteria
  • Excellent condition after 4 to 12 months of "common storage"
    at 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Very thick neck of 3½ to 4 inches.
  • Length of 8 to 9½ inches.
  • Excellent flavor.
A wheelbarrow in from the field
Uniformity of the Bloomingfields Farm Strain The Bloomingfields Farm Strain of Butternut Squash is quite uniform in size and shape. Here at the left, we see the 8 to 9½ - inch proportion of a recent harvest. Below is the entire yield of 121 squashes for the same harvest.
At the right, the crop has been divided into 3 groups. First, are the squashes exceeding 9½ inches in length. Second are those pictured above. Third, is a small group measuring less than 8 inches. At the extreme right edge are the only 3 ripe squashes judged to be not marketable. Our entire crop yield for one year
Organically grown
New strain in 2007
Packet of 40 seeds (postpaid).
Send check to Melvin Bristol,
Box 5, Gaylordsville, CT 06755.


Cucurbita moschata

Butternut Squash

Bloomingfields Farm Strain

Butternut Squash -- NEW, long storage Bloomingfields Farm Strain 

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