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Your box of Daylily plants

These 5 Daylily varieties were dug the same day in late summer.
They show some of the variation in size and structure
to be found in the genus Hemerocallis.
Daylilies are sturdy plants that can easily
  be dug, shipped, and planted bare-root.

  • All plants are field grown and dug to order
    in weekly digging batches.

  • Each plant division has a minimum of three fans of foliage, and occasionally there are more.
  • Leaves and flower scapes are cut off for best transplanting.
  • Our Daylily plants have white Tyvek labels giving Variety Name and your Order No.
  • Detailed Daylily Planting Instructions accompany every shipment.
  • Your box may be either a recycled carton,
    or one provided by the U.S. Postal Service.
  • All our Daylily plants are Fully Guaranteed.
All plants have 
3 fans of leaves

3-fan plant
3-fan Daylily plant

every Monday,   
spring, summer and fall

shipping boxes
Shipping boxes

A beautiful daylily from Bloomingfields Farm Daylilies  

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